Model Specification

Base Vehicle Information


  • 316Cdi
  • 316CDI 4x4
  • 516Cdi 4x4


  • 6-Speed Manual
  • 7 G-Tronic


  • White
  • Silver Metallic
  • Graphite Grey Metallic


  • Dual Circuit hydraulic brakes
  • Adaptive electric stability control (ESP)
  • Acceleration skid regulations (ASR)
  • 100 Litre plastic fuel tank
  • Floating caliper discs front and rear.
  • Antilock braking system (ABS)
  • Brake Assist (BAS)
  • Speed Limiter 100km/hr


  • Siemens Digital Tachograph

Driver Components

  • Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth preperation
  • Comfort drivers seat with armrest
  • Multifuntion steering wheel
  • Trip Computer
  • Drivers Airbag
  • Remote control central locking
  • Rear View Mirror
  • PSM Interface
  • PTO crank pulley
  • Front and rear mud flaps


  • Fog lights integrated into front bumper
  • Front and rear Mudflaps
  • EVM front bumper spoiler with integrated daytime running lights
  • EVM body moulded side skirts in matching vehicle colour
  • EVM wrap-around rear bumper spoiler
  • Colour-coded bumpers, side moulding and front grill in matching vehicle colour

Driver's Area

  • Driver's floor mat
  • Driver's area floor covered in soft pile carpet
  • Driver night light
  • Under-dash storage box
  • 12 Volt DC socket
  • USB charging port
  • Suede finish on entry doors and A-pillars
  • Bottom of dash and door panels colour matched
  • Veneered dash panel and steering wheel in black birds eye finish
  • Veneered dash panel and steering wheel in mahogany finish
  • Leather drivers seat
  • Driver's locker in left and right hand luggage rack

Base Vehicle Specification and Options

Boot Area

  • Emergency door buzzer on boot door
  • Original Mercedes-Benz 270 degree hinge doors
  • Rear row of seats on raised pedestal
  • Luggage partition incorporating boot pedestal and raised floor
  • Full-height fixed partition closing off boot area
  • Removable full-height partition closing off boot area
  • Fold out flap on rear boot with stainless steel boot edge protector
  • 12 Volt DC sockets in boot area
  • Blackened glazing bonded over steel panel rear doors
  • Blackened glazing in rear doors with interior security panels
  • Spare wheel mounted to left-hand side of boot area with plastic cover
  • Tow bar and trailer socket

Saloon Area

  • Complete floor covered in hard-wearing non-slip flooring
  • Complete floor covered in wood-effect non-slip flooring
  • Complete floor covered in flat pile carpet
  • Centre aisle carpet with brass button putting down pins
  • Solid wood wine rack cabinet with domestic fridge located between back-to-back seats


  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Grab rail on left and right side of entry door
  • Decorative curtains
  • Sliding blinds of standard window screen
  • Left-hand luggage rack
  • Right-hand luggage rack


  • Original Mercedes-Benz front windscreen
  • Original Mercedes-Benz side-glazing
  • Glass-top roof vent 970 x 500 mm
  • Break Glass hammers
  • Side-Glazing Privacy tint


  • Mercedes-Benz In-Dash Tempmatic Air Conditioning
  • Mercedes-Benz saloon heating with heater booster
  • Forced Air
  • Eberspacher tap in saloon airconditioning ducted through rack, exiting through passenger service units
  • Convector heaters full length of passenger saloon with thermostatic control in drivers compartment
  • Eberspacher roof mounted 15.5KW saloon air conditioning ducted through rack, exiting through passenger service units.

Audio Visual

  • Mercedes Audio 15 upgrade radio/SD with Mercedes-Benz speakers in dash
  • Saloon speakers integrated in passenger service units
  • Audio 15 with Becker Map Pilot and navigation
  • PA system with hand microphone, cable and clip fitted on dash
  • Additional microphone socket and clip fitted on left-hand B-pillar
  • Driver's pedestal microphone mounted on right-hand B-pillar
  • 17" monitor recessed in roof at rear
  • DVD Player incorporated in top of dash
  • Free View TV
  • Four or Eight camera CCTV DVR system
  • Beam bw130 passenger Wi-Fi box
  • Icomera Moovbox M310 In-Vehicle Cellular Router & Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Reversing camera with monitor integrated into interior mirror or head unit
  • Reversing alarm with night silent override
  • Front and Rear parking sensors

General Seating

  • EVM Executive 110 seat
  • Orion Real Leather
  • Three point seat belts
  • Reclining back rest on all seats
  • Handles on seat backs
  • Mercedes-Benz logo stamped in head rest
  • Mercedes-Benz logo embroidered in head rest
  • Fold-down table backs
  • Side-shift mechanism on aisle-side seats
  • Side flaps with additional soft foam on seat backs and base
  • Magazine pockets
  • Magazine nets
  • Foot rest 3-step adjustable
  • Hip restraint
  • Aisle-side arm rest
  • Adjustable leg rest in leather with piping


  • Entry door LED strip lights
  • Full-length strip lights and LED night lights
  • Roof mounted LED night light with blue and white night lights
  • Gangway LED strip lighting with white night lights
  • Window pelmet lighting
  • Exterior front and rear marker lights
  • Exterior Hella oranged recessed marker lights
  • 3 no marker lights across window screen
  • 3 no marker lights across rear


  • Chrome grill covers
  • Chrome mirror backs
  • Chrome door handles
  • Euroliner wheel trims


8 + Driver

9 + Driver


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