20 cm ground clearance
27 cm entry height
120 cm Twin rapid sliding doors
Panoramic double glazing
Rear facing wheelchair position (Forward capable)
Up to 25 Passengers
Executive specification with luggage racks and tables
Front, side and rear destination equipment
DDA Compliancy

8 tip and turn seats.
4 Wheelchair/mobility scooter positions.
Lightweight In-board wheelchair lift.
Under 3.5 tonne (Drive on car licence)
Flexible layout options.
Stretcher options available.

15/16 Seats on quick release.
Up to 6 Wheelchair Positions.
Complete flat floor.
Multiple wheelchair layout options available.
Inboard and underfloor wheelchair lift options available.

22 passenger seats.

Electric and diesel.

De-mountable body.

EVM Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

EVM’s years of experience means we are ideally positioned to advise you on the most suitable features and equipment for your wheelchair accessible minibus. Our experienced team will help you plan, design and personalise your wheelchair accessible minibus to ensure it meets the needs of your organisation and your passengers.

We will advise you on the best seating layouts to optimise and blend passenger needs with the requirements of wheelchair passengers. We can guide you regarding the choices of passenger lifts, ramps, flooring and seating. Whatever your requirements our team of specialists will work with you to ensure you have a vehicle that address’s all your needs.

EVM’s range of specialist vehicles are engineered to European Whole Vehicle type Approval  ensuring 100 compliance with the latest legislation from the UK and Europe wide.

As flexible as life itself, the sprinter Mobility range will quickly become an indispensable part of your fleet. A school bus in the morning, in the afternoon and accessible bus, in the evening a taxi-sharing service; at the drop of a hat the Sprinter Mobility can adapt to a wide variety of requirements – which is why we offer a range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and Community Transport Minibuses.