EVM Conversion

Whites of St Albans have taken delivery of 2 new Euro 6 sprinter 19 Seater Avantgardes

Euro 6 sprinter 19 Seater

  • 7-Speed G Tronic Automatic Gear Box
  • Reclining Back Rests
  • Air Conditioning
  • EVM Panoramic Double-glazing

Ashford Minibuses have taken delivery of their new EVM Avantgarde

Euro 6 Sprinter 16 Seater

  • 12 Executive Reclining Seats
  • Hard Wearing TARABUS Non-slip Flooring
  • EVM Panoramic Double-glazed Passenger Saloon Windows
  • Saloon Speakers Integrated in Passenger Service Units

Rabbies Tours have taken delivery of 16 new EVM Elegance minibuses

Euro 6 Sprinter 16 Seater

  • 15 Politecnica Relax reclining back rest seats
  • Hard wearing TARABUS non-slip flooring.
  • 7Speed G Tronic Automatic gear box

Back Roads Touring took delivery of 6 new EVM Grand Tourers

Euro 6 Sprinter 19 seater

  • 19 Executive seats with reclining back rests
  • Rear reversing camera
  • Full length LED night lights
  • Panoramic double glazed windows

Homeward Bound has taken delivery of a new EVM X-Clusive

Euro 6 Sprinter 16 Seater

  • 16 Politecnica Relaxed GTC seats
  • EVM Coach back boot door with gas lift up struts
  • Large coach type panoramic front windscreen
  • EVM X-Clusive wrap around rear bumper spoiler